Money Smart – Finance focused Board Game
  • Money Smart – Finance focused Board Game
  • Money Smart – Finance focused Board Game

Money Smart – Finance focused Board Game


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This is our first product. V1 stands for version 1, and is a limited edition. 
With this limited edition, we will sign each copy (but please contact us after purchase), after you purchase we will contact you to inform you about shipping.
The game will come with a set of elements that can be customised, in case you want to make the game more relatable, for example you can customize the life wheel rules to be more relatable to you or to the person getting the game (also can customize it based on age).
If you wish more customization, please contact us.

A Fun game that we think can rewire your brain!
The biggest challenge in investing and entrepreneurship, is the will to take the risk. We believe this game, teaches exactly that. It teaches the player to take calculated risks in order to beat the competition. We believe it helps demolish the mental barriers many of us have when it comes to investing and entrepreneurship.

It is FUN …
A game needs to be fun, and we had this in mind since the start. It is engaging and fun to play. You can easily spend hours playing it and not see time pass. We have went through many iterations since it's inception, always focusing on making more fun. 
The game easily brings out the competitive spirit.

Time & Goals adjustable …
The goal is to have fun, but we do not want to get users to feel stuck in a 2-3 hours game (like the classical board games). Thus we made sure to provide different ways to play the game, depending on the goals set, the length of a game can last between 45 min to few hours.

Easy Rules …
Another thing that kills the fun in a game is complex rules, rules difficult to remember. Don’t you hate it when you have to go back to the rules to figure out if you were doing something right?
With MoneySmart, the rules are simple. The rules are so simple that even kids as young as 10 can play the game.
The game is optimized for 2-6 players (even though it is possible to have more players).


The game follow the classical board game mechanism, the player throws the dice and advances to the correct slot on the board.
The game is played counter-clock wise, and has 3 user types, a player needs to pay to switch to the other type.

Upon every end of round the player collects money based on the type (and or investments), in addition to the start card (usually contain a mini game).

Based on the slot you land on, multiple scenarios are possible. these Scenarios simulate life.

Work : makes you lose a round. (to simulate the time we lose working for others)
Life : You get to spin an arrow attached to the board, where you land on one of life’s surprises.
Deals : You get to withdraw the deals card, and invest (only possible for business and investor)
Choices: You get a choices card, and based on the answer fill the zen card (helps detect the player’s nature).
Stocks and bitcoin: quick risk taking action, with rewards based on dice value.
Sabotage: You get to sabotage another player (details in the rules).
Bills: You need to pay bills (like in real life)…
Other important slots: Taxes, Debt, Insurance, give an even extra realistic level to the game.
Rules get all these elements interacting in a harmonious and homogeneous way, to make sure that luck is not the only deciding factor for winning.

Winning condition:
There are different game settings, to allow the game to be played for different periods of time.
The latest conditions are in the printed rules.

Mini Games:
After extensively testing the game, we introduced multiple minigames. That made the game a lot more fun, and allowed a greater social interaction in the game.

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